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Advice from the Moon

The moon’s powerful pull influences every living thing on our planet. It controls our tides – and the rhythm of the moon’s phases has guided humanity for millennia. Our calendar months, for example, are roughly equal to the time it takes to go from one full moon to the next.

We know that Nature is also a wise teacher, so we thought it would be fun to share some great advice from the Moon we can all take to heart:

Live­­ life the fullest – This means going “all-in”, committing ourselves fully to our passion and purpose. When we show up and stay present, we can live a life without regrets. This happens when we actively get out of our heads and off our devices – and start to truly engage with the people and experiences around us.

Be someone to look up to – Everyone needs a mentor in life. Think back to someone who showed up for you, and the impact it made in your life. Find a way to pay it forward. If we want a different world, it’s going to start with us. When we choose a life of compassion, integrity and service, we become someone that others can look up to for support and encouragement.

Don’t be phased by difficulties – We can’t escape difficulty in life, but when it shows up, we can stay calm and grounded. The simple power of positivity is the key that unlocks the faith to do this. When we are living from a vision, we can start to see “problems” as “opportunities.” We can accept what “is,” harvest the good, change what we can, and leave the rest to a Higher Power.

Take time to reflect – With life running at warp speed, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the day-to-day grind. Reflection is one of the most powerful ways to regain control of our minds and to get back to ourselves. It involves a 3-step process that starts with Openness. This means having the courage and willingness to see things as they are. The second step is Observation. This is when we get curious and simply notice what we are noticing. The third step is Objectivity. This is being willing to let go of any “meaning” and just see the facts as they are. Reflection allows us to mindfully choose how to respond to experiences as they happen instead of reacting to them.

Enjoy a little space now and then – Everyone needs some time to themselves every day to recharge. It can be as simple as a 10-minute walk, meditating for 5 minutes, turning off the phones and reading a book, or taking a long soak in the tub. When we take care of ourselves, we have more to give others.

Honor the cycles of life – We can do this when we appreciate where we are at every stage of life, both in age, and in life experiences. Just like the moon, our lives cycle through periods of darkness and light. When we honor these cycles of up and down, loss and gain, growth and retraction, we become more resilient.

Shine a little light on the darkness around you – The only way to dispel darkness is by turning on the light. Have you noticed how one little moonbeam can light up a whole room? In the same way, it’s amazing what just one positive comment can do to cut through the noise and negativity around us.

Keep staying true to who you are… The moon follows an ordained orbit. It doesn’t have to be the sun or the earth, it knows who it is… and it knows it serves a valuable purpose. By staying true to itself, it dazzles us with its beauty, its stunning harvest moons, and once in a while, something as awe-inspiring as an eclipse. The same applies to us. There’s greatness in all of us. When we follow our heart, staying true to ourselves and to our purpose, we contribute something glorious to the world.

Keep looking up!

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