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Celebrating Fathers Everywhere

A father (or a father figure) has a truly special place in our lives. He is that supportive, encouraging, protective presence we can always count on.

When we were young, he was the one who knew all the answers to life’s questions. And when we were older, he was the one we could turn to for advice.

This weekend, we join with the millions of people around the world who are celebrating “Father’s Day” and the many ways these men have contributed to our lives – whether that “fathering” has been biological, spiritual, or emotional.

So today, let’s take a moment to remember all the special men that have made a difference…all the coaches, neighbors, uncles, teachers, and other father-figures who have championed our dreams and perhaps filled a void in our life. Those men who have been that shoulder to lean on, the voice of humor in our sadness, or the voice of reason and calm when life gets turbulent.

Reach out right now and let them know how much they have meant to you…and how your life is better simply because they have been in it!

Happy Fathers Day to every man who is a “father figure” in any way!


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