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Dissolving Barriers to Love

Your Task is not to seek for Love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built.  – Rumi

It doesn’t matter how old we are, or what our backgrounds or our spiritual belief systems are – love and relationships are important to all of us.

The love that we seek – and everything else we desire for that matter – is already available to us. But, we can’t receive our desires until we release our own resistance to them. And while we are here on this earth to learn self-love, a lot of our healing journeys in this life seem to stem from our relationships with others.

As children, we didn’t work at love. We loved naturally and effortlessly. Our tendency was to allow others into our lives and to accept them as they were. Love flowed freely to us and from us.

But, as we experienced life, judgement, expectation and comparison crept in. We began to see ourselves above or below someone else in ability, resources or belief. We looked to others for approval and to meet our needs. We began to make meaning of others’ actions and to hold a grudge for perceived injustices. These barriers began to separate us from the Love that once flowed so naturally between us.

The way back to Love is to find and then release all of these barriers within ourselves. It starts by loving ourselves first and forgiving ourselves for being imperfectly human. The barriers dissolve when we forgive others for the hurts they’ve caused us. They dissolve when we freely give without any expectation of love or appreciation in return.

We break down the barriers to love when we are willing to value our perceived differences with one another and to consider that perhaps both of our perspectives are right – and when we release our personal fears and our hidden agendas by returning to authenticity and openness.

It’s a Universal truth that we can have anything that we’re willing to become. If love is what we desire, then love is what we must become. So during this month of love, let’s make the decision to create a new beginning by allowing love to flow both to and through us.

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