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Life-Changing Love Without Strings

Just as the sun shines upon the earth with its constant life-giving beams, a heart filled with unconditional love gives without any expectation and with no strings attached.

A love like that can change someone else’s life and the world we live in completely.

When we allow ourselves to understand the impact our actions have, not only on ourselves but the planet we live on, we realize how important it is to take loving action.

So what does it take to have a love like that in our everyday life?

It comes down to one simple act: Choosing to give. In a world that is conditioned to ask “What’s in it for me?” the only question that unconditional love asks is, “What could I give in this moment?”

What could you give to someone else in this very moment: Understanding? The benefit of the doubt? Forgiveness? Perhaps the person most in need of unconditional love is yourself.

When we forgive ourselves for all our limiting beliefs, mistakes, judgments and misunderstandings and apply the “unconditional” to our own lives, we begin to naturally do the same for those around us and extend our hand without condition.

Today, let’s choose to deliberately go beyond our comfort zones and practice giving love and understanding with no strings attached to everyone we meet today.

As we express love to the world around us, watch what begins to happen…the world reflects back to us the power of love.

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