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The World’s Been Waiting On You…

Every person that has truly made a difference hasn’t done so because they were seeking fame and fortune – it’s because they believed in something. They were following a dream.

So often we underestimate what we’re capable of. We think that one person alone can’t make a big enough difference so why even try.

But guess what …

As soon as we decide to take our dream or belief or idea seriously, we start to notice there are others who believe the same. They were just waiting for someone to start. Once that person stands up, the support can be be massively powerful.

When people join together with similar beliefs, be it about health, government, education, you name it, magic starts to happen. And what’s more, our ability to make impact is multiplied when we collaborate with each other.

But it starts with the belief that you, your idea, can have an impact. That belief is what will get you to start. It’s what will allow you to attract the people and the resources to make it happen. It’s what will give you the courage to pour your soul into something that matters.

So right now, take just a moment to connect with your idea, your belief, your dream and ask yourself, “What small step could I take right now? Who could I reach out to? What phone call could I make? What text or email could I send?”

It doesn’t matter what you do. All that matters is that you do something – maybe just as simple as forwarding this card… And when you do – watch the magic start to happen!

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