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Use Your Imagination

Halloween is a time when our imaginations really come to life! With all the scary movies and clever costumes out there today, it’s hard not to be impressed by all the creativity and imagination that went into them.

Our imaginations are really so powerful! In thinking back on some of the classic “scary” movies, much of the suspense had to do with what we “imagined” was lurking or going to happen. And sometimes what we imagined was worse than the actual story line!

We’ve been given this amazing faculty that allows us to see in our mind’s eye things, situations or circumstances that don’t exist yet. We use our imagination all the time – to paint, cook, write, decorate or describe something to someone else. And we use it to feel worry and fear, too.

Halloween is a perfect time to check in with ourselves and ask, “Are we using our imaginations to scare us to death or to inspire us to life?”

Do we see our business being successful, our kids exceeding in life, our relationships loving and supportive, and our bodies healthy and vibrant?

Or are we preparing for worse case scenarios? What happens if I don’t get that raise, if my kid gets bad grades? What if so-and-so gets elected and the economy tanks? Or if I catch the flu that’s going around?

Whatever it is – eventually our lives will reflect the very things we’ve been imagining.

So enjoy today, and have fun using your imagination to inspire yourself into a life you love living.

Happy Halloween!

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