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Advice from a Pumpkin

Are you smarter than a pumpkin?

You may not have considered seeking wisdom from them, but pumpkins can teach us a lot about life…how to live, how to love and how to dream.

They teach us how important it is to soak up the physical and spiritual light that brings health and vigor and enables us to recognize the truth of any situation.

They teach us to honor our uniqueness and to shine wherever we are with our talents, our abilities and our authentic personality.

In a world centered on self-gratification, pumpkins can teach us the most important principles of loving others. These include being “Thick-Skinned” when others’ words and actions might tempt us to be unskillful in our response and to be a transformative presence to those around you by finding ways to spread joy and happiness.

Pumpkins teach us to “Think Big” and to Keep Growing. We can make a daily choice to release our ego by staying curious, by releasing our limiting beliefs and by staying in action.  We’ll find that these simple daily practices can be significant as we dream into a larger, more abundant life.

As you enjoy the harvests of this season of your life, we invite you to consider the simple wisdom of the pumpkin and to let your light shine no matter how small it may seem.  

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