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Seeds of Magnificence

Along with the dawning of Spring comes the blooming of beautiful spring flowers that each began as pure potential trapped inside a small seed.

No seed is ordinary no matter how tiny or insignificant it might seem.

Take a handful of poppy seeds, for instance. They all look the same, dull brown – and a little like dirt. Someone might easily sweep them into the trash without a second thought.

Yet those handful of seeds have the potential to explode into a carpet of the most dazzling springtime flowers that will attract crowds of people who come just to gaze at the wonder of it all.

The poppy seed is such perfect metaphor for life and how it works. It might seem at times that we are just “ordinary”, and that our ideas, dreams and potential are nothing special.

Yet inside each of us lives the potential for greatness, significance, purpose and unlimited success. In this moment, that potential may be dormant. We might not know exactly what our untapped potential is or what we have been called to do.

Often, a seed waits for months or even years before it gets the opportunity and the right conditions to begin to germinate. Likewise, it might seem that the seeds of an idea or hard work we have sown have remained dormant…

But we simply need be patient. At the right time and at the right place with the right set of conditions, our “seeds” will begin to transform into something magnificent. Our ideas will take off. Results will emerge. We’ll start to reap the rewards of true success. We’ll begin discover our true purpose – the unique ideas, gifts and talents that only WE can offer to the world.

Another parallel is that seeds also multiply. Every seed we sow has the potential to produce many more seeds. We can sow words of encouragement, our time, our energy, and our resources into the lives of others. Little deeds of kindness can multiply a thousand-fold to touch the lives of countless others for good.

So today, let’s embrace the magnificent seeds of potential that exist within us. And while we’re going through our “growing process” may we each choose to sow the seeds of love and kindness – and turn this world into a truly beautiful place.


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