Advice from a Shark

This week is Shark Week, and people all cross the land are binging on a full week of shark-based programming.

When many of us think of sharks, ominous music sounds in our head and we begin to picture harrowing scenes from the movie “Jaws.” On the surface, sharks can seem really terrifying!

Those who have scuba-dived with live sharks say it is a thrilling, nerve-racking, magnificent encounter where they come to realize that sharks aren’t always the horrifying creatures they have been made out to be. In fact, we can learn a lot about life from them…

Sharks teach us to “Stay Active.” This, of course can mean getting plenty of exercise – which we all should do. But it can also mean staying actively engaged in life. Challenges that arise in our life can often take us “out of the game” and allow us to become deeply discouraged when we only focus on the problem itself. But challenges can also be one of the best ways to keep us connected to our purpose, keeping us actively engaged in life and always reaching for the idea or thought that is most life-giving.

They teach us the value of “Keeping a Sharp Mental Attitude” and “A Healthy Appetite for Life.” That appetite stems from the intensity of vision that we hold. That vision can pull us forward and fill us with hope.

They teach us to “Fin for Ourselves” – which means we practice self-care, we take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, and we work to contribute positively to others every day through our words and our deeds.

When we persist daily in living from a vision, we understand two other pieces of advice from a shark, which is to “Take a Bite out of Life” and to “Keep Moving Forward.” Sharks teach us to “Live Fiercely” as we continue to take action regardless of circumstances on our most important goals and aspirations.

Once we understand the wisdom of a shark, we can better appreciate their hunger for life and strive to emulate some of their most distinguishing characteristics.

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