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Be Drawn to What You Truly Love

Have you ever sat down to draw up a list of what you thought were “goals,” only to realize that what you really had was a list of things you felt you SHOULD be doing – not the things that give you life?

That’s why the call to action in this quote by Rumi is so powerful!

Letting ourselves “be silently drawn” involves getting quiet and tuning in to the Voice deep inside.

It’s so easy get caught up in the opinions of our partner, our family, the media, and our friends and colleagues that we start to lose touch with what’s truly in our heart.

But when we ask ourselves the question, “What would I LOVE?” something wonderful begins to happen…we begin to discover our purpose.

Often with that discovery comes “the strange pull” – our inner compass that leads us to make decisions that are not always “rational.” It requires listening to our intuition and a willingness to experiment with trusting our heart when we don’t always have the answers or know where the resources, connections or the money will come from.

One way to begin to ease the fear of “the strange pull” is to expand the question to, “What would I love to do that utilizes both my skills and interests – and that could add significant value to others?” Take a moment now to ask yourself this very question.

When you follow your bliss in this manner, focusing on IMPACT instead of INCOME, the resources, connections and money will start to naturally follow.

That voice of Love can never lead you astray!

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