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Celebrating Our Nation’s Fallen Heroes

Memorial Day is a holiday when many of us gather with those we love and celebrate the many gifts that are ours because of the amazing freedoms that we enjoy in this nation that we live.

If you look all around you at this moment, you probably notice many things that bring you joy – like the safety of the home you live in, the smell of hot dogs grilling on the barbecue, reliable electricity and running water to fill the pool, and friends and family who love you…all  seemingly simple things.

But none of these comforts and conveniences could be mine or yours without the protection and backing of those who constantly stand in its defense. Hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters, friends, neighbors and associates have answered the call to sacrifice their lives for the protection of our nation, our freedom and our peace. They stand firm in their conviction to protect regardless of the challenge or controversy.

As you enjoy this day and whatever activities you pursue to commemorate the freedom, peace and prosperity that is yours – you might also take a moment to thank those who you know who are currently serving our nation and to quietly raise a prayer of thanksgiving for those who have sacrifice their lives to preserve all that we hold dear. I invite you to take a few moments of contemplation right now to remember them.

Happy Memorial Day!

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