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Christmas Without the Chaos

What’s on your Holiday to-do list this year? If you’re like a lot of us, you’re probably wondering just how you’re ever going to accomplish everything with your already squeezed calendar and checkbook. For many, it feels like the bar just becomes higher and harder to achieve than the previous year.  

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to throw the Holiday task list to the wind and refocus on what really matters?

A key to re-centering our celebrations on what’s important can be heard in Tatiana Cameron’s new hit Christmas Song, “How I Love the Christmas Season.” She sings, “There’s nothing, nothing that you HAVE to do.  Just BELIEVE.”

When we recognize that WE have set the expectations for the Season, we can more easily shift from “HAVE TO” to “COULD.”  For example, rather than “I have to invite the entire family for Christmas Dinner and cook it all myself,” we can make the simple shift to, “I could have the entire family over for Christmas Dinner and I could cook it myself…” which allows for us to consider other possibilities such as, “Or I could ask others to each bring a dish.”

In this simple shift, we release the expectation that something has to be a certain way and free ourselves to allow something different into our lives.

And, that shift could be to “Just Believe…”  Just Believe in the Source of Hope and Power that is at the center of our Christmas Celebrations.  Just Believe in the Power of Deliverance that is at the heart of our Hanukkah Celebrations.  Just Believe in the power of new beginnings that is at the Heart of our New Year’s celebrations.

When we can re-center ourselves on the true purpose of our celebrations, we can release the stress and chaos and better answer the question, “What would I really want to do this Holiday Season….with my family, my friends, my co-workers and with those I care about?”  

We can give an empowered ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the activities that really matter to us and relax into what we’d really love.

Here’s to a relaxed and meaningful Christmas Season! 

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