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Darkness Is Just an Illusion

“There is no darkness in this Universe. There is only the presence of light and the absence of it.” – Albert Einstein (paraphrased)

This comment may sound a little deep, but it is backed by actual science.

In truth, darkness is only the absence of light. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of darkness. In order to eliminate darkness, you must do something with light, because the light is the only thing that actually exists.

Common thinking says that we must deal with two polarizing forces at once. It says that to attract good we must do away with bad. But science shows us something different.

Fear and misery (and all that we deem to be “negative” things in life) have been compared to darkness, but they too, are merely the absence of awareness, joy and love.

That is why when we experience hate or fear or misery, it feels like a hole inside our being. We feel empty, because when we are in fear or misery, we ARE empty. We are empty of the presence of awareness, joy and Love.

To eradicate darkness, fear, hate, or misery, all we need to do is simply place our focus on the “Light.” We reach out in friendship, in possibility, in kindness and in love.

So today, let’s practice “shining the light” wherever we see suffering. Greet a frown with a smile, extend a helping hand, respond to those who lash out in stress or anger with kindness – and watch the “darkness” start to disappear!

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