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Ghosts of Past

Fear, Bitterness, Regret, Shame… each of these emotions can haunt us and rob us of the vital energy needed to focus on growth and progress. When these emotions hold our attention, they ultimately hold back our ability to focus on the creative gifts that we could offer to the world around us.

There is only so much value that we can gain from our past. Unskillful choices may have been made. Painful words may have been spoken. Irreparable damage may have occurred. Our past failures and others’ hurtful words cannot be changed. But, they can be seen through a different lens.

We can choose to harness the feedback from our failures. We can choose to the see the actions of others as a “call-for” or an “expression-of” love no matter how unskillful they may have been. We can choose to give mercy when it isn’t deserved. We can choose to see the gift in past experiences, release them, and believe in a different, more positive future. What we believe is ultimately what we will see in our lives.

Are there any “ghosts” from the past haunting you? Three powerful words can release their grasp… “Up until now.” These words invite a belief that, even though these ghosts have influenced our past, they no longer control our present.

We find true freedom when we can become aware of our past patterns and make a choice to create something new. It may take time to see change, but every present choice to believe in change is a choice to release the ghosts of our past.

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