A New Ending

Happy New Year!

Last year is now officially behind us…and regardless of whatever has transpired previously, we can decide NOW to create a great ending for THIS year.

But creating a great ending to your year is going to require some planning. It’s going to require a shift from simply “reacting” to life to instead proactively designing our life. And it’s going to require letting go of past failures, disappointments and resentments.

Are we going to stay stuck ruminating on what might have been? Will we live the same year over and over again with the same old patterns that have generated the same old results? Or will we decide to put our focus and energy into choices that will enable us to create new patterns and new results for our lives?

As we begin writing our “new ending” for the year, let’s ask ourselves, “What will I release in this new year that will enable the ending I would love to create? What new thought patterns will I install? And even though I might not know all the moves, what first step could I take to achieving great results in 2017 instead of just reacting to life as it happens?”

Whatever your aspirations are for this year, we hold with you all the possibilities – and join with you in proactively creating a great “new ending” for this year.

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