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Hidden Diamonds In Your Schedule

You have spare time on your hands…REALLY!

Regardless of how busy we are, all of us have “spare moments” in our day. It might only be five minutes before the next appointment or while we are waiting in line somewhere, but these little gems of time do exist.

So, how do we improve the use of spare moments so they become the brightest gems in a useful life?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Track your activities and notice where time may be “leaking”. What activities could you eliminate or at least reduce?
  2.  Honestly evaluate your priorities. Is this activity something you HAVE to do? Or merely something you are CHOOSING to do? And stay open to alternative ways to accomplish the same task in a way that is more time-efficient.
  3. Don’t rely on your memory alone. Keep a small notebook with you or use an app on your phone to record your thoughts and ideas when something comes to mind.
  4. Know the difference between recreation and wasted time. Recreation leads to refreshment and recuperation by feeding your mind, body and soul. Choose activities that TRULY rejuvenate you and avoid those that are mindless, negative time-wasters.
  5. Honor the power of “baby steps.” A moment here and a moment there will start to add up quickly. And remember, even slow progress toward an important goal is better than no progress at all.

With a little care, you’ll soon find that whatever spare moments you have are the brightest gems in your life.

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