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Gratitude isn’t just something that we check off of our to-do list each day or at certain times of the year. It’s a way that we decide to be in each moment that we face. When our focus is on what we have rather than what we lack, we attract more of what we desire. Gratitude is a way of being that is harmonious with abundance.

Gratitude is an attitude of seeing the possible good, opportunity and blessing in every situation. This way of being unlocks the hidden gifts that every challenging situation offers. When we can hold a belief that there is some possible good in the midst of failure, sadness or disaster, we become open enough to allow life teach us its most valuable lessons.  

An attitude Gratitude enables us to re-write the stories of our lives. It can transform bitterness into hope. It can shift us from anger and frustration to calm and peace. It helps us to give completely different meaning to any situation.

What is one of your most challenging situations right now? Do you feel like you can’t see a solution or any good in its presence? The simple shift to holding gratitude for its presence in your life can imbue a feeling of surrender and peace. It is in this surrender that we open ourselves to be taught and to receive the gift that circumstance came to bring.

Let Gratitude flow!

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