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Life Is Like Eating a Watermelon…

As we celebrate #NationalWatermelonDay, we can remember that even some of the sweetest things in life – like a crisp slice of watermelon – have aspects to them that can be annoying or unpleasant. Which part of the watermelon do you focus on? The juicy sweet refreshing fruit or the numerous hard seeds that come with it? Where you choose to place your focus is what will determine your experience as you eat it.

Our sweetest and most important relationships can be a lot like watermelon – enjoyable, revitalizing, life-giving…

And each one of us also knows that certain someone with “watermelon seed” characteristics that are annoying and sometimes too numerous to count. But, just like the watermelon, there are sweet and redeeming qualities waiting to be discovered under the thick surface.

Our experience with these people – and with life itself –  is determined by the features we choose to focus on and give our attention to.

So, when you find yourself feeling unhappy with an individual or a situation that isn’t your favorite, notice what makes you happy about them or what that situation can teach you and help you to appreciate. Feel gratitude for its presence in your life. And, instead of shrinking from it, take another bite and savor the sweetness that every bitter situation can reveal.

Don’t let National Watermelon Day pass without enjoying a sweet refreshing chunk on your plate!

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