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One Shoe Can Change Your Life

The reason the story of Cinderella and other modern-day tales from Star Wars to The Matrix become so iconic is because the heroes live in a world where absolutely anything is possible. We love cheering for the “underdog” and we take comfort knowing that “good” always triumphs over “evil” in the end. But in reality, how many of us are actually “Living In Possibility” in the movie of our own lives? 

Just what kind of story are we telling? How many times do we catch ourselves playing the victim of loss instead of the hero? Poor us…so overwhelmed just trying to survive… Opportunities stolen, not enough time in our day, not enough money in our bank accounts, not enough love and understanding from those around us. We act powerless, as if we’ve only got “one shoe.”

So how do we MOVE TO – and STAY IN – a world where everything is possible? All it takes is a change in mindset. And changing our mindset can start with one thing: Changing ONE word.

Just altering one little word in the phrases we use every day. That’s it. Do it for a week and then watch what starts to happen:

Some examples include:

Should >> Could or Choose To
But >> And
Try >> Will
Have To >> Get To
Guess >> Know
Problem >> Challenge
Spend >> Invest
Exhausting >> Exhilarating
Attempt >> Intend
Make >> Allow
I Need >> I Would Love

It starts with ONE word, which leads to ONE shift in our awareness, which leads to ONE opportunity we didn’t see before, which leads to endless possibilities…

And like Cinderella, what once appeared to be the thing missing becomes the “one shoe” that changes our lives…

Celebrate the possible!

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