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The Best Holiday Gift List

If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably been busy thinking about and searching for the perfect gift for those you love – and you may even have a few wishes of your own…

As we reflect upon the gifts provided to us by Ultimate Giver of Gifts, it can remind us of those gifts that are deep and lasting. They are the ones that transform lives, that heal wounds and that lift those needing a compassionate hand.

To give these gifts, we must stretch beyond our pocketbooks and truly give a part of ourselves.

At this Christmastime, we invite you to reflect upon your “Wish List” and that of others who may need the unique talents and capabilities you can offer. What would make the difference for them that might require a small sacrifice of your time, of your attention, or of letting go of being right in exchange for being merciful?

And, what would you love to receive that would bring greater joy and transformation into your own life? Those gifts are only as far away as we are willing to ask for them.

We hope that you receive all that your heart desires this Holiday Season and wish the best to you and yours.

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