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The Secret to Making Your Resolutions “Stick” This Time…

It’s a new year – and I’m sure like most of us, you have at least a few items on your life list that you are longing to change this year.

When you look at that list, how many of those things have you already attempted to shift in the past – yet here you are this year in the same place after months or years of struggle and effort?

Can we conclude then, that the change must initiate from a different place inside of us to be effective and lasting?

Notice the butterfly. In its untransformed state, no matter how hard it tries, the caterpillar will never be able to fly. The transformation started within its own cells for the butterfly, and it’s the same for each of us.

Until we shift our inner limiting beliefs about ourselves and others, until we shift the cells of our self-image, until we shift our way of being with ourselves and others, we will never see a shift in our results and the outside circumstances of our life. What we see on the outside is merely a reflection of what we have held and believed on the inside. Change is always an inside job.

It can be a tough pill to swallow, but whatever it is we want to be different in our life this year always starts with us. The problem is never “out there.”

So, regardless of what those changes are, it begins with asking ourselves, “What can I do to take full responsibility for the circumstances I’m in? And what can I shift in my beliefs or attitude to invite a new reflection back to me that will support my action steps and efforts this time?”

When we exercise the openness and humility to ask these questions, the answers we receive will confirm that the change truly must begin within us to transform the situation around us.

Happy Transformation!

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