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Who Makes YOU Happy?

It doesn’t take long for us to bring to mind those special individuals who make us happy. They’re the ones who have transformed our lives with their love, concern and caring. They’re the ones who are genuinely interested in our well-being. They’re the voice of hope in our lives when we feel the weight of the world upon our shoulders. With their compassion, they invite us to rise to a higher place within ourselves.

In contrast, there are also those people we know who are more like withering weeds. In the interactions we have with people in our day-to-day lives, we should ask ourselves, “Are we one of the “charming gardeners” – or behaving more like an annoying weed?”

In a world where we are surrounded by cynicism, whining and complaining – we always have the choice to join in with the whiners – or to rise above it all and be a transforming presence to each person that we come in contact with.

We can hear something negative and let it roll off our shoulders. We can see each person’s shortfalls and limitations and still choose to pour out compassion and mercy. We can react to their unskillfulness with understanding. We can listen more than we speak even when we don’t agree or understand their perspective.

With each action we take and each word that we speak, we sow seeds. These seeds will eventually grow into fruit-bearing plants and trees that return to us what we sowed. We can choose today to make another’s soul blossom with the seeds of love that we plant. And in turn, we can express gratitude for those wonderful people who warm our hearts.

Who are one of those special people who come to mind? When was the last time you shared your appreciation for them in some way?

Let’s stop to take a moment to reach out and express our gratitude with at least one of the “charming gardeners” in our life right now. Pick up the phone or send a quick email or text message to thank them for being someone who makes your life better.

Make your day – and someone else’s – blossom!

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