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Without the Darkness We Can’t See the Stars Shine

In our media-dominated culture, it’s easy to focus on the darkness and the negativity and to feel doom and gloom over recent political, national or world events.The presence of darkness tends to snuff out hope when we allow ourselves to become trapped in its grasp.

The irony is, the darker and bleaker things become, the more contrast is available to see the light and good that is also filling our world. And, isn’t it amazing that just one tiny glimmer of light is enough to light our way and to chase away complete darkness?

We can feel victimized by the darkness. We can try to fight the darkness. Or, we can make a choice to be a light that shines to others and watch the darkness flee as we shine. Chances are, when we choose to shine, the darkness will take notice and attempt to snuff us out. But we can take courage, knowing that the darker things get, the more our light will stand out, giving hope to those who need it most.

We can also feel hope in the light of a Higher Power that is always there to shine a path on our way. During this season of celebration, let’s focus on the Light of that Power to deliver us from any darkness. There is always a way through – and – the darkness of our circumstance may actually be the gift that helps us see the Light.

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